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In the process of shrink wrapping, an item or collection of items are wrapped in plastic film, which shrinks and takes on the shape of the object when it is heated. Since the plastic sheet shrinks when heated, forming a snug and secure fit around the object being wrapped, the procedure is known as “shrink wrapping.”

The process of shrink wrapping involves the following steps:

  1. The item to be packaged is placed on a tray or in a shrink bag
  2. A sheet of plastic film is placed over the item or items, completely covering them
  3. The tray or bag with the item and film is placed in a shrink wrapping machine, which applies heat to the film
  4. As the film is heated, it shrinks until it fits to the shape of the item
  5. Once the film has cooled and hardened, the package process is complete

Food products are frequently packaged using shrink wrapping, which is a rapid, effective, and affordable method of packaging and protecting products. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all frequently utilise shrink wrapping.

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12 January 2023
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30 January 2023