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A strapping machine is a machine that is used to apply a strap, also known as a band or a seal, to a package or bundle of items in order to secure and hold them together. Strapping machines can use different types of straps such as plastic, steel or cord, and they can be manual or automatic.

The basic process of using a strapping machine typically involves the following steps:

  1. The package or bundle of items is placed on the machine’s conveyor or work table.
  2. The strap is fed through the machine and positioned around the package or bundle.
  3. The machine applies tension to the strap, pulling it tight around the package or bundle.
  4. The machine then applies heat, friction, or ultrasonic energy to the strap, fusing or welding it to create a strong bond.

The strap is then cut and the package or bundle is ready for shipping or storage. Some strapping machines are portable and can be used on site while others are built into conveyor systems and used in production lines. There are also semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines available, which can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the strapping process.

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12 January 2023
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12 January 2023